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I offer personalized Zoom support to clients for in-depth project discussions and gathering project specifications. This approach ensures efficient information exchange, facilitating a professional and successful collaboration.

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Business Research

My business plan begins with meticulous identification, starting by understanding the client’s business. As a web designer & digital marketer, I carefully research and analyze relevant businesses and their activities. Armed with this knowledge, I present tailored strategies to my clients, ensuring a purposeful approach to website design and digital marketing that aligns with their unique goals and requirements.
A successful business hinges on various factors, including fostering strong customer relationships and targeting the right audience. Thorough market analysis ensures top-notch services. I prioritize ROI calculations and strategic business roadmaps to attain company goals. All interactions are conducted via Zoom, and clients receive comprehensive business analytics reports. I am passionate about skill development and continuously exploring cutting-edge strategies and technologies to deliver exceptional results.

Work Process

Experience transparency in my services with Zoom calls. I prioritize building long-term business relationships through open communication and exceptional support.

Video Meetup

Before starting your project, I will have a detailed Zoom call. I will explain all project aspects, including digital marketing details, ensuring a thorough understanding & successful collaboration.


Detailed specifications for your project will be gathered through Zoom calls. I will discuss requirements, budget, deadlines, and all necessary details to ensure a seamless and successful collaboration.

Project Plan

Creating the ideal website and local marketing strategy is my goal. From web design to hyper-local marketing, my plan ensures your business stands out and thrives.

Execute Plan

Let me handle all aspects of your project’s content design, including text, images, and business marketing.  I’ll expertly upload and optimize content for effective local business optimization.

Final Review

Rest assured of receiving top-notch quality work. Any required changes will be promptly ensured perfection. Enjoy real-time Zoom call support to ensure the project’s successful completion.


Get everything you need with my website design and services. Enjoy long-term support and digital marketing solutions for your business’s continued success. Your satisfaction is my first priority.

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Support Methods

I offer comprehensive business solutions, addressing all client needs. For seamless support, I provide live assistance via Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet or Phone Call to resolve any problems or issues.



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